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Eco Friendly Heating Appliances Using Renewable Fuel

Andover Gas & Water is proud to offer these eco friendly heating systems made by Grant UK, designed for use with renewable fuel. Calling on the experience of eight fully trained engineers we are capable of giving a complete service from design through installation and commissioning of Grant UK thermal solar panels, air source heat pumps and wood burning stoves.

One of our specialities is inter-connection of multiple boilers, providing the ability to use renewable fuels combined with fossil fuel, ie. oil or gas.

Please call or visit us and our sales engineer will talk you through all the design possibilities for your home environment.

Andover Gas & Water offer full warranty and after sales back up service on thermal solar panels, heat pumps and wood burning (biomass) stoves.

Grant UK Thermal Solar Panel Systems

Thermal solar panels are a clean and sustainable method of providing homes with hot water. The technology is simple but highly efficient, providing an environmentally responsible and cost effective alternative to traditional fuels.

Solar panels operate throughout the year from direct and diffused sunlight. From May to September thermal solar panels can produce up to 100% of the energy required for domestic use.

On average a thermal solar panel system can save you up to 70% on annual water heating costs.

Grant UK panels are fitted with durable weather resistant, self-cleaning glass.

Andover Gas & Water also employ competent plumbers for all aspects of domestic plumbing and commercial plumbing works.

Thermal Solar Panel System

solar thermal panel system

Grant UK Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps use basic ambient air thermodynamic principles to convert latent heat into energy that can be used to provide heating and hot water. This 'ambient heat' is replenished by the sun making heat pumps both effective and eco friendly.

The heat pumps use an air to water system which utilises energy captured from the air in 'wet' heating system radiators or underfloor heating. The process uses the same vapour/compression cycle that extracts heat in a domestic fridge.

UK home heating accounts for approximately 30% of carbon dioxide emissions. The energy source of the heat pump is entirely renewable, which helps reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases and lowers the carbon footprint of the household.

Heat Pump System

heat pump system

Grant UK Biomass (Wood Pellet Burning) Boilers

Wood burning stoves are an environmentally friendly, safe and convenient way of heating the home.

Single wood burning stoves are available in outputs of 6-26kW with an efficiency of 97.4%, and 9-36kW with an efficiency of 93.1%.

It is important to note that in modern wood pellet burning biomass boilers up to 20% of the energy that is produced is lost to the atmosphere through waste gases exhausted by the flue system. Grant UK wood burning stoves have a unique secondary condensing heat exchanger which has been designed to capture some of this lost latent heat energy, so it can maintain extremely high efficiencies.

Biomass Boiler

biomass boiler
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